Golfing in the rain!

Golfing in the rain!

As any other British person knows our weather lets us down a lot when it comes to golf!

Especially in the winter but commonly in our summer also, when torrential rain decides to fall our courses close pretty quickly.

This has forced me to become creative and think of cheap and easy way to still be able to practice!

1. Cut one side of a cardboard box half way up, so it will sit on the step of the stairs so the top of the box is level with the landing and is also stable, cut a hole in the top and you now have the full length of your landing to practice your putting.

2. Tilt some buckets up against a wall at different angles, you know have a way to practice chipping into a target.

3. Practice your swing in front of the mirror or even video your swing to look for any faults you may be able to notice.

4. If you are unable to practice in the house and the rain outside is so bad you can’t play, you could always surf the internet for videos, pictures or articles about how to improve your game, personally I also like to research a bit about golf history, as I find going back to basics is a brilliant foundation for any player’s game.

5. Although it may not necessarily improve your swing or your game, if you want a bit of fun and have a games console you can get games for the Wii, Xbox or Ps3 that you can actually swing while playing.

6. Find out if there are any places with Flight scope which is a new technology where you are indoors hitting out onto the driving range through a space where shutters open and the technology tells you about your swing and where the ball landed.

7. Find out if there are any places with a golf simulator.

If anyone has any other tips or ideas they would like to contribute please feel free to comment below!



New equipment!

Adams 3 wood & hybrid purchased today! Fantastic to hit out of the rough, their new design helps me to hit the ball a lot further and to get it in the air quicker.

I would rate them 5 out of 5!

Bernard Gallacher

Bernard Gallacher

Instead of updating about the golfing world scoreboards I would like to send best wishes to Bernard Gallacher and his family in the hope that his ill health improves!

Quote of the da…

Quote of the day!

I never learned anything from a match that I won – Bobby Jones

Moving forward in work, skill and professionalism!

Today was a good day!

Not only did I get to practice in lovely weather, possibly the last of our British summer, but I got given more hours working in the professional shop! Plus most importantly received confirmation from The PGA Programme that I have passed the Preliminary Stages of entry to the course!

For today I would say that’s a hole in one!

FedEx Cup!

FedEx Cup!

Great win for Europe’s Henrik Stenson who shot a closing
five-under 66 to stand alone at the top of the FED-EX Cup standings!

Tiger’s ready pounce in second position,not far behind, hopefully this will be an exciting end to the season!

Famous Golf Quo…

Famous Golf Quote of the Day!


A perfectly straight shot with a big club is a fluke. – Jack Nicklaus

First post!

First post!

First post on my new golfing blog to introduce my self as Paul Woodhouse, golf fan and player who has just turned professional and been accepted onto the PGA degree course! I plan to provide golfing tips, ideas and updates from the golfing world! Enjoy…